Suunday Best

“Timeless wardrobe staples, easy to wear. Easy to love.”

Isn’t that what we all are looking for when it comes to our style, ladies? Recently, I’ve been trying to be incredibly intentional about my clothing purchases. We can easily buy something off the shelf or online these days without thinking twice about where the piece came from and what values are supported by purchasing from any given company. For example, do you know where your shoes came from? Do you know who’s dream you’re wearing on your shoulders today?


One of the companies I’ve recently been proud to wear clothes from is the Arizona-based company, Suunday. Not only are their clothes cozy and empowering for the everyday woman, but they stand for a very minimal design concept that accentuates the best parts of a woman through elegant simplicity.

How many times have we all rummaged through our closets trying to find something to wear that is breathable and looks good without making us feel completely immovable? Suunday is the type of brand that intentionally seeks to empower women like us that want to feel beautiful but get things done at the same time.

Beyond the brand’s thoughtful framework and craftsmanship, founder Stacie shares more about the heart and soul of Suunday and how this ethical brand is complete game changer:

V: Where did the dream of building this company stem from?

Stacie: “Being a Mom of 3 girls and owning a children’s clothing line first, I always had an easy time finding small, US-made shops for kids. I decided I wanted to contribute to the slow fashion movement by providing effortless, but beautiful pieces for women, too!”


V: How would you describe Suunday’s timeless pieces to someone who’s never walked into your store?


Stacie: “I try to create versatile pieces that you can love for years, during any season of life, throughout any part of your day. Truly easy, comfortable staples that will last and make you feel great every day of the week.”

V: What is the most rewarding thing for us to take away from shopping at Suunday?

Stacie: “We make everything in LA in very small batches, so each piece is made with so much love and care. We have such a special relationship with our seamstresses as well, and truly love working with and supporting them. While we know shopping ethically-made isn’t always an option for many depending on their budget, we often times take a hit with our margins to try to keep our price point as low and within reach as possible. Hopefully with time and volume we’re able to bring that price point down even further to be attainable for even more!”

V: In your words, why should the clothes we wear matter?

Stacie: “As silly as it may sound to some, being thoughtful about your clothing is so important! From who it was made by, to how it makes you feel, you really have the power to empower yourself (and so many others!) by choosing ethically produced pieces that make you feel good.”

Note, I’m wearing the Fionna Dress in sea salt, size small. From the convenient side pockets to the flowy-nature of the dress, it’s a complete dream and comfortable to wear for work or a weekend outing. This dress is now my go-to for date nights and weekend events. As the spring comes around the corner, you’ll want to snag this for your closet. Shop the look here!