Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Work-Life Balance

In a never-ending, career-driven culture, work-life balance seems to be a fascinating topic for many of us female creatives/entrepreneurs. Why wouldn’t it be though, right? We crave the secret sauce––the true sprinkled magic to owning your career and to having a thriving home life at the same time. We question oftentimes whether such a beautiful concept can exist in our personal lives. We want to be the best daughter, sister, wife, mother...but we also would totally love to live the dream job. 

While all these things are great, balance is the biggest key factor when it comes to doing these things well.

The busyness of life is inevitably part of our journey. But with good habits and personal gung-ho determination, there are so many valid reasons to fall in love with this idea of work-life balance.

It pushes us to be present. 


When’s the last time we disconnected for the weekend and went tech-free? Instilling this practice gives us the opportunity to actually be present. Our lives seem to constantly revolve around our endless email inbox, interrupting phone calls and bombarding text messages. Without the right boundaries in place, we can prevent ourselves from truly receiving the rest and relaxation we need in order to function.

People will always need something from us. By setting certain parameters for our down-time, we can make the most out of our days off and handle situations when we’re back in our workplaces. The moments we spend off the screen are the ones that will matter at the end of our lives.

It allows us to protect our schedule.

Ever had a day off to only realize everyone else made plans for our free time? Hey girl hey! Same. There’s nothing wrong with making plans with friends or helping out our coworkers with their garage sale. But we need to show up for our own personal commitments, too.

By determining what our priorities are and aligning our schedules according to them, we’re valuing the little things that set us up for success. Never underestimate the importance of doing the little laundry and buying groceries...because they make a world of a difference. 

It gives us the confidence to say no when needed.

Yes, our career is important but so is our mental health. It’s okay to say “no” every once in a while so we can say “yes” to the things we love. Relationships aren’t worth compromising. Sometimes saying “no” to another commitment can help us to have more time with our gal pals or family, and these moments are incredibly worth it.

When we choose to have a strong work-life balance, we’re able to feel comfortable letting people know whether we can or cannot commit to something without have to feel guilty. Every person’s situation is unique according to their schedule and commitment levels. Some people are able to take on more responsibilities than others.

I was recently going through old photos of me from high school. I had the most obnoxious curly, long hair and the biggest smile. I looked so happy, but I remember the stress I was experiencing in those days. At one point, I was holding down three jobs while being President of National Honor Society and being actively involved in worship at my local church. Oh, and not to mention, I was a cheerleader, which meant lots of games and practices were on my schedule on a weekly basis. 

As I reminisce those days, I realize many adults were right when they told me I’d never have this much time to do things ever again. 

They were right.

Today, I’m twenty-four years old working a full time job in marketing while doing ministry off-the-clock with my husband-to-be. I contribute for over six different blogs/magazines on a regular basis and run a side hustle photography business. I also host occasional social events within my community, and did I mention I’m planning a wedding?

I’m sure if I sat across from you at a coffee shop with a London fog in hand, you’d share with me your run-on sentence of an equally busy life, too. 

Whether we like it or not, we all have something going on all the time! But as dreamers, doers and everything in between, you and I have to be careful to not stretch ourselves out too thin. You and I need boundaries in our life so we can present the best versions of ourselves to the world.

As much as your career can be a dream, your health and your relationships are way more valuable and will sustain you in the long run.