Say Hey to Madison Anaya, Founder of The Fearless Chase

Ever come across someone on Instagram and think––wow, let’s be friends? Something I love about this little app we have a love/hate relationship with is its potential for building wide scale community. I can’t tell you the exact moment I came across Madison Anaya’s Instagram, but I can say from the first time we started chatting, I instantly felt a connection to her. She is witty, selfless and always looking for ways to build other women up. She’s the kind of girl you’d love to grab coffee with and just dream out loud with.

While we live in a competitive culture––especially in the creative industry, it’s refreshing to come across social media accounts of people who take genuine interest in connecting with people. She’s the founder of The Fearless Chase podcast, which holds a five-star ranking on iTunes and exists to empower women to fearlessly pursue their chase through life-giving conversations. Click here to listen to my episode with Madison. This girl is a powerhouse––just see for yourself!


V: Who is Madison Anaya?

M: Most days you can find Madison Anaya on Target dates with her middle-school boyfriend turned husband, Alex with an iced chai-tea latte in hand. She’s mostly known for hosting the podcast, The Fearless Chase, which is all about learning to fearlessly chase your dreams like your life depends on it-because let’s be honest it does.

People often refer to her as a fiery motivator. She loves serving the world by encouraging and inspiring women to pursue their purpose. The things she’s most passionate about in life are loving people, humor, and spending time cuddling her fur-babies. She helps women embrace their purpose and live the life they were made for.

V: What desires/dreams led you to start The Fearless Chase podcast?

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M: I felt like I was hearing too many women tell me that they had a dream but didn’t feel like they had what it took to make it happen. I wanted to provide a space where they could see themselves so vividly in that best version of themselves that they couldn’t help but to fearlessly chase after it.

V: Is hosting a podcast as scary/challenging as one would expect?

M: In the beginning heck yeah! Anytime you try something knew that your heart is really invested in, it’s terrifying. I need the podcast The Fearless Chase, not because I’m a fearless queen and want to teach the world how to do the same, but because as were on this journey we’re going to encounter obstacles including fear and choosing to do it anyways and continue to chase after what God has placed on your heart is what my mission is all about. I want to see more people living the life that they were made for and if it means putting myself in uncomfortable situations that will ultimately help us both grow and get to those places, I’m here for it.

V: What has been the most rewarding part of curating conversations for the podcast with other creatives in the industry?

M: I have two answers for this one! Number one, it’s honestly the best thing ever to get to ask people the questions you’ve been dying to have answered and can’t seem to get a clear answer on. The second one is the connection I get to make with other people who just get it. Choosing to chase your dreams and goals whether it’s centered around business or not, can be a super lonely space to be in. Having someone who understands that just as much as you do and wants to continue a friendship with you is life giving.

V: What life advice would you give to 21-year old Madison?

M: Ahh, this is such a good question. 21 is right when I was buying a house and getting married and right before the two hardest years of my life. I would say, you are beyond capable of anything you can imagine. Those little thoughts and dreams you have in your head every now and then, they matter. Don’t shove them to the side because you don’t think you have what it takes. Loving people and living to impress them aren’t the same thing. They’re going to judge your decisions no matter what you do so you might as well do what’s in your heart.


V: For the women that have dreams to start something (whether it be a creative venture or side hustle) but have reservations about it or don't know where to start, what are some practical tips you'd give to believing in that dream?

M: I’ve heard it said before that if you can see if you can achieve it. Most people get hung up on the fact that they’ve never done it before or have never been successful at it before and therefore that’s why they can’t achieve it. Too often, people don’t take into account how absolutely powerful your mind is. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between truly visualizing yourself in great detail of doing something and actually doing it.

If you tell it that’s what’s happening, it will figure out a way to get there. In order to believe in your dream you have to see it so clearly that your brain says, “okay, we’ll start getting to work and make it happen boss!” Here’s tangibly where you start. I want you to block off an hour in your calendar.

Create a scene in your mind of what it would look like if your dream came true. If that thing you’re hesitant about putting yourself out there to do actually became your life. Think about it in super clear detail and then write it down. Now that you’ve shown your brain what that looks like, your certainty for if you’ll get there has gone up quite a bit. Why? Because you’ve visualized it. In your mind, you’ve already seen that somewhere, somehow it’s possible. From there, you can let that dream push you out of your comfort zone in one of two ways-pleasure or pain.

There are sometimes that the idea of having that life makes me push harder, but more often what pushes me when I really don’t want to do something is the idea that the dream life that I have visualized so clearly in would never be my reality. No matter if your dream is to start a side hustle or lose weight, visualize what that would actually look like and understand that your why for wanting to do that deserves more weight than your fears.

V: Why do you believe in community over competition?

M: I believe that even if you and I have the exact same dream for the exact same people, your chase of how you get there will look entirely different than mine and those will be the stories that will connect to other’s. There’s room at the table for all of us. There are over 7.5 billion people in the world and I guarantee that they’re not all going to pick up what I’m throwing down.

By lighting one woman’s candle you don’t lose any amount of flame. I believe that building a community of women who can help each other can go SO much further than trying to compete with one another.

Ready to tune into her latest episode on The Fearless Chase podcast? Grab your cup of happiness, and click here to bless your ears with some words of wisdom.