Finding Purpose in an Unexpected Season of Life

What defines your happiness in life?

How do you measure the success rate of your life today? 

All images by:  Monica Winters .

All images by: Monica Winters.

I recently asked myself this question and found my answer to be surprising. As a recent college graduate and full time working lady, I had completed my university experience with a mentality that painted success to be this vibrant picture filled with dollar signs, bright city lights and making a name for myself in corporate America. 

My roaring twenties (as I like to call these years) have been such a defining time for my career, my identity and my passions. I used to think if I landed a seemingly dream job in a major creative city and lived in a small, loft somewhere by myself that I would be the happiest woman on the planet.

I’m almost ashamed to say this, but for the last year, I’ve taken my friends and my family for granted because I became so blinded with what I thought success was really about.

You see, sometimes, we have this idea that the grass is so much greener on the other side.

We carry this unrealistic pedestal for what we think our lives should be instead of valuing our lives for what they already are.

When I started applying for jobs before graduating, I thought that I needed to work for a major name brand or insta-famous platform in order to find true purpose and identity.

They tell you to reach for the stars, right? Or they may tell us the sky's the limit when it comes to our potential.

I remember meeting with a local leader, who I had deeply admired, before walking at my graduation ceremony, and his biggest advice to me was to move to a big city and leave behind my hometown to “make it big time.” While his motivational encouragement sparked a fire in me, I received great advice with the wrong perspective. 

Sometimes, people will give us really great advice, and we will receive it with the wrong set of ears...or furthermore, with the wrong intentions. It’s so true! So guess what my goal was after graduation? I pushed so hard to move away from home and find the dream job I thought would make me happiest.

However, my months as a post-grad were filled with a plethora of rejection letters, until finally one day, I received an offer for a wonderful job at my alma mater.

It maybe wasn’t what I had pictured for my life, but my gratitude level is currently through the roof. I wake up every morning so blessed to work with some incredibly brilliant creatives. The older I get, the more I realize the value of working with good people and working for a strong leader, who genuinely cares for his staff.

I love my job so much because everyday I’m surrounded by people who love Jesus and who belly-laugh on the regular. My boss is the most uplifting person and always seeks to call out the best in people.

Friends, it’s not where I thought I’d be after graduating college, but it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be, and everyday I love getting to do what I do. This career move was part of God's plan all along!

Life is about so much more than just our selfish gains. It’s about people!

If you find yourself in a season where you feel out of place or confused, take notice in the people around you. Are they creating growth in your life? Are they people you love to do life with? Then consider yourself extremely blessed! 

You might be reading this and you very much so dislike your boss, your job and your coworkers. Let me encourage you––there is purpose for where you’re at!

You are not at your job by mistake, and God has a greater plan for your life than what you’re seeing within the four walls of your office.

Whether big or small, everything we experience in life is temporal and seasonal. Enjoy and fully embrace the season you are in! It’s in these ambiguous moments where God continues to mold us and strengthen our character. You are not defined and limited to your current circumstance. 

I love in the Word where it says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters” (Romans 8:28-29).

What if God is using this season of your life to realign your identity in Him and cause you to lean more on Him?

What if your current frustrations at your job or at any given circumstance is the very thing that is equipping you for your next season?

We don’t know where we’ll be in five years; we don’t even really know for certain what our lives will look like next year.

Nothing on this earth is eternal. 

Because of this, we can place our confidence in Christ, the only eternal thing, and trust He knows what’s best for us and for our families. If our definition of success doesn’t involve people, it’s time we think again. Jesus Himself was in the business of impacting people! He didn’t waste time trying to become a celebrity and gain social status. Everywhere He went, He simply served people and spoke truth. 

Wherever you may find yourself, walk as the woman of purpose that you are!

Your life is not a miscalculation or an oversight, and God has not forgotten about you or your beautiful dreams. 

Our dreams may not always be lived out how we think they should, but when they do unfold, it’s even more impactful than we could have imagined. Keep dreaming big dreams and trusting that God has your back because––guess what––He does!

You are His daughter, and He wants absolutely the best for you, darling. In due season, you will reap from the faithfulness you’ve sown into others.

Chat soon.