3 Transformative Steps to Producing Engaging Content

Friends, today, I’m going to spend time highlighting one of my flaws as a creative. That’s right! I don’t claim to be a genius in my crafts; I still make fumbles and try my best to learn from them. We’re all a work in progress, am I right?

Throughout my time contributing for publications like Darling Magazine and The Everygirl, I always received the same feedback about my writing: I’m not relatable!

Since launching my blog in January, I’ve been on a journey to break down the college-inspired, five-point essay format in my brain and try to simply write from the heart. As a writer, my biggest desire is to inspire, empower and motivate women to be the best version of themselves and to pursue their creative dreams without fear and restraint.

But if I’m failing to be relatable and to establish that connection, I am failing at my main goal.

Here is what my failures have taught me and what I’m trying to do more of to be as relatable to others as I possibly can.

Stick the rule books on your bookshelf and begin to create from a place that’s real.

My coworkers and I talk about this! We watched clips from an episode of Friends, where Joey Tribbiani eagerly volunteers to write a letter of recommendation for Monica and Chandler Bing as they apply to adopt their long awaited baby. He discovers the life-saving digital thesaurus on Microsoft Word that allows for you to switch out simple words for “more sophisticated” verbiage. When he submits the letter to them, it becomes so “sophisticated” that is makes absolutely no sense.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used Microsoft Word’s Thesaurus, too…

Haha, me too!

I hate to admit this, but growing up, I pulled the same stunts when I would write papers or articles! I created a bad habit that to this day can easily affect my current writing.

A thesaurus is an amazing and helpful tool, but when used improperly, it can take our personalities out of the sentence, and suddenly, our work tends to sound more robotic.

There will always be a thousand better ways to convey something, but nothing compares to the way you express something from your perspective.

Your perspective is unique! Avoid boggling it down by simply embracing it. Being an artist is all about pure expression that should flow naturally onto the camera film or pages of your journal.

If you’d really love to see how your creative work can improve in quality, ask a friend, mentor or professor to give it a view.

When our objective in life is to impact people, we should seek their input on our draft. Before I started my blog, I had prepared a few posts beforehand, and I immediately sent them out to editor friends of mine. They helped take my work to the next level! Reach out to someone you deeply admire who has an incredible eye for your field of work, and see what they think.

Constructive feedback saves lives!

Create art that sheds light to societal realities so people can align their personal story with yours.

Why have companies like Aerie and Dove resorted to a storytelling advertisements and commercials? Because humans deeply connect with authenticity. In the last few years, I’ve noticed a remarkable change in global marketing strategies that has skyrocketed the promotion of positive body-image, self love and maintaining mental health.

Why? Because these are real life issues, and we all feel a little more understood when we have the platform to address these relatable topics.

The same concept goes for us writers, photographers and creatives. We must come to a place where we desire mutual understanding, and we’re able to convey this through our creative avenues in a way that changes tomorrow for the better.

People are not just a number; they are a life, a story, a journey, a testimony. If we want to produce meaningful art, we need the willingness to open up ourselves to share fresh perspective with others. Whether it’s embarrassing or one filled with hope, our stories help create common ground between our readers and ourselves. It’s in the common ground, where life-transforming conversations take place.

Gaps are suddenly bridged; strangers become friends.

Chat soon.