Stasia Rose on Measuring Success as a Lifestyle Blogger

The incredibly fun and rewarding world of blogging is intimidating. Can I get a witness?

As you know, I just recently joined in on the fun and launched my blog over two months ago. Once I clicked the publish button on my launch announcement, my inbox flooded with your letters of encouragement and excitement, but more than that, I received tons of questions from fellow creative women desiring to start a digital space of their own. 

But I remember the long process I experienced to simply start and put myself out there, and that’s just it––it’s the putting ourselves out there part that tends to trigger insecurity and self-doubt. 

This is where today’s Q&A guest came into the picture for me. Lifestyle blogger, Stasia Rose, is my long-time friend and has been my biggest support since day one. When she walks into a room, she doesn’t know a stranger and seeks to always bring out the best in others. 

She also just launched a blogger mentorship program (hello!) and wrote an ebook on mastering the art of starting a blog.

As many of us either find ourselves wanting to start creative projects or to take our creative aspirations to the next level, I pray Stasia’s wisdom gives us all the extra life-giving push we need to pursue the dreams in our hearts! So many times we can scare ourselves out of something absolutely beautiful and something that is meant for us.

Lean in with me and listen to what this successful creative’s journey has led her to discover about creativity, design thinking and entrepreneurship:

V: You're a successful author/mentor, a creative strategist and career boss. What challenges have you faced in the process of building your brand?

Stasia Rose: The greatest challenge that I have overcome is without a doubt comparison. In a world full of insanely talented writers and bloggers, my perfectionist tendencies have traditionally had a way of holding me back from experiencing the greatest reward of simply trying for myself!

However, I have learned that there are far more people wanting to see you succeed than there are people wanting to see you fail. And the only way to fight against comparison is to sit right square in the driver's seat and define success for yourself!

When you define your own success, and choose to pursue it, you don’t have a need to compare yourself with others.

You are doing your own thing, making your own dreams come true, and you are now confident enough to view the once “competition” as co-conspirators and maybe one day - collaborators!

V: How do you measure success as a blogger/story-teller?

Stasia Rose: I measure my success by the amount of vulnerability and courage it takes to write each piece, complete each project, serve each new client, and gift my all to create written art that I am proud of.

I measure success by never compromising my integrity while navigating the wild world of social media and blogging.

I measure success by the level of connections I am able to make with people from different walks of life, and life experiences. Ultimately, I measure success by the people I am able to help own their story, and share it with the world in ways that encourage and inspire others to succeed! 

V: So many people oftentimes find themselves experiencing creative's block. What tips do you have for breaking through those moments?

Stasia Rose: Oh yes, the elusive creative’s block. I have certainly been there before. I realized that in those moments I usually know exactly what I need to do, but I am simply lacking the inspiration and motivation to do it. So, in order to fight back against the writer’s block, I decided to use the one thing that writer’s block is utterly defenseless against - process. 

Yes, that’s right. I began placing processes in my life to keep me inspired, motivated and writing content in new and fresh ways! What are those processes you ask? Well, I read everyday. Yes, that’s right.

Every. Single. Day.

I also spend 5-10 minutes each morning meditation, and connecting with the one person who's actually going to do the work - me. Meditation is a process that teaches me my most invaluable skill. Mono-tasking.

In addition to reading everyday and meditating in the morning, I write for fun. That is the beauty about being a blogger and having a heart for sharing my stories and experiences with others! 

V: What is your daily Starbucks go-to?

Stasia Rose: Oh, such a great question! I am more of a Dunks girl myself, but the daily grande pike or iced americano is my jam.


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All Images By: Sally Ibarra Barceló.