5 Necessary Boosts to Create Your Brand Identity

Rather than picking up a regular agency job, dreamers are captivating the business world by painting visionary concepts into the marketing equation. From darling fashion bloggers to the experts of social media, creatives are leading a new breed of entrepreneurship that is reshaping people’s ability to start their own brand.

By taking a few, intentional steps, you can craft a trademark and join the community of go-getters around the world.

#1. Determine who is the audience.

Defining the who behind the why creates an effective culture.

Who are the individuals who would identify most with the brand’s work?

Who are the individuals the brand is passionate about reaching?

Who are the individuals who would support this movement the most?

Answering these questions will help to determine a target audience the brand will influence and inspire in a real and rewarding way.

#2: Define who you are as a brand.

The most successful brands maintain a one to three category that allows followers to understand what the brand stands for. Audiences are driven by consistency. What things will the brand post about the most?

What concepts or products should be connected to as the brand? People want to connect through a common thread—not through inconsistency and indecisiveness.

Audiences also connect to words. Creating a word cluster can help determine the word associations that should be connected to your brand.  

#3: Decide how you can attract that audience.

Effective entrepreneurs keep up with the latest trends! From minimalistic to technicolor, follow what people are responding to the most. Staying relevant culturally will establish the brand’s endurance and versatility. As the world of entrepreneurial marketing changes constantly, brands that keep up with the times attract a better following than most.

#4: Create your brand’s logo and color-schemed look.

Once the brand’s definition and target audience is established, developing color palettes and schemes will create an appealing flow and pattern. This will serve as a design guide for the brand’s layout (for any blog or online content) and photography (for any social media or promotion).

What colors and looks will help bring the brand to life?

What colors communicate the rhythm of the brand?

What fonts will help the logo stand out and be original?

What have people not yet seen in a logo?

Think outside of the box! Allow for creativity and innovation to showcase your style.

#5: Decide what you need to get started.

Leadership guru, John C. Maxwell, says: “Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others.” Reaching maximum potential looks a lot like creating a community of teamwork efforts. Everyone has something to offer to your brand!

Once you’ve organized and solidified your amazing idea, build a team of people to rally behind your movement. By doing so, the brand quickly turns into a culture setter. People are constantly looking for a place to belong—a place to create. Be that starting point for someone.

Chat soon.