Why I Am Starting a Blog

I've worn many hats throughout my twenty-two years on earth. My parents always taught me to have an open mind and an open heart when it came to my creativity and what we can call "my hobbies." Some know me as their family or wedding photographer, while, some as a coffee-drinking social media enthusiast. (Fun fact: I don't drink coffee; I just do it for the 'gram, haha!) Others may know me as some girl who once lucked out because she interned for Darling Magazine

But for those who have known me for a long time, you'll know that I've always been someone who loves to, above all else, connect with people.

When I started even the slightest consideration of starting a blog, I was hesitant. We're constantly surrounded by the sound of a thousand voices through our digital platforms and social media outlets. So I thought: Why would anyone care to read what I had to say? I'm in no way the best at giving trendy fashion advice or fun make up tutorials...(help)...

But in the midst of my teeter-tottering decision, a friend reached out to me and reminded me the importance of following my heart and not discrediting the dreams God placed inside of it.

"All voices have their waiting audience. Our unique individuality is what will equip us to relay the message to the right people, without feeling the need to be someone else."

Wow! Friend, you and I have been uniquely designed to be ourselves and find community with others by walking in our own skin.  

I realized it's okay to be afraid to try new things, but it shouldn't keep us from trying them. 

So I'm pulling a Taylor Swift and asking you... 

"Are you ready for it?"

We're going to talk about everything, from how to be successful creative to what life is really like after graduating college...and all the adventure that comes from being human––with the occasional 1990s rom-com references and side comments of my infinite love for food/travel. 

Whether you're the next boss lady in the making or a risk-taking creative looking for community, I hope my weekly posts meet you right where you are to encourage you, to empower you and to let you know you're not alone in the journey.

Chat soon.