How to Conquer Comparison This Year

Have you ever started the day off completely unsatisfied with your style and have felt un-beautiful when examining the reflection in the mirror?

Let me first start off by pulling away from the common lie that every woman believes...

You are not alone.

I wish I could bold that 1000 times 1000 times more until we actually believe this. We all have our own restless list of insecurities and struggle to feel confident in certain areas, more so, than others. Because of this, we give in to playing the comparison game as if life is this big competitive playing field.

Suddenly the images we find on social media become an unrealistic pedestal for how we should look.

Now, don’t get me wrong: social media is an amazing, beneficial tool. But let’s be real. It can sometimes give us permission to be way too hard on ourselves.

With so much pressure to be perfect, it’s important to first learn to love ourselves again. That’s right! I said it. From your quirks to your unique traits, love yourself! God made us to stand out and have differences.

I wasn’t born to impact the people only you can impact and vice-versa. Your voice has the capability to change a life. Don’t despise it! Embrace the confidence that comes when you know your worth and walk in the comfort of your own skin.

We are beautiful, we have something worth bringing to the table and we are the best version of ourselves that will ever exist. We have to be the first to believe that.

Stop passing time rivaling against someone else. We were never created to fit a mold outside of our genetic makeup. Ask yourself: What is the source of my insecurities? If it’s things like social media or friendships, then take some time to unplug from those sources of negativity. It’s okay to refrain from things that aren’t life giving. Replace them with activities and people that truly rejuvenate your soul.

The way we view ourselves determines how we view the rest of the world.

Another way to combat the comparison bug: let’s start viewing people as assets--not as commodities. When people are seen as commodities, we are simply looking to treat them like an ATM to see how much we can get out of them. But when we value people as commodities, we begin to celebrate their strengths as they compliment our weaknesses.

For example, I have a friend who is an outstanding public speaker (cough...cough...Elisabeth Huijskens); however, public speaking is a weakness for me. Does that take away any value from who I am and what I have to offer? No! It makes me admire my friend a hundred times more because I’m learning from her confidence.

Ladies, just because another woman is something we aren’t, it doesn’t make us less than. We’ve got to steer clear from this mentality.

The reward is much greater when we focus on intentionally celebrating others. Celebration and support of others builds community and brings unity with others. We only get one shot at life, and the truth is, as cliche as it may sound, we are better together.

Let me hear from you! Comment below.

What is something you love about yourself? What is something you love about someone else?

Let's celebrate!

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