Emily Ley On Redefining the Work-Life Balance

Do you ever meet someone and think instantly, "Wow, this person is absolutely amazing and inspiring to be around! I want to be their best friend."

Well, this is me, so many times, when I'm being introduced to different voices in the creative industry. 

I especially love a good boss-woman story, because I gain so much insight from other powerhouses who are modeling the type of mother, wife, daughter, friend and entrepreneur I strive to become.

Emily Ley is the lead designer of her own design/paper products company. She not only dedicates her life to advocating for the simplification of daily living, but her family is her world!

All Photos By:  Gina Zeidler .

All Photos By: Gina Zeidler.

If you haven't read her book, "Grace Not Perfection," I would highly recommend you stopping at your local Target to find your copy and adding it to your 2018 reading list. It totally changed my life!

Today's post is an excerpt from my interview with her for Darling Magazine. Getting to chat with the author of your favorite book is so unreal.

If you're anything like me, balancing time management and relationships in today's fast-paced world can be challenging. But after talking with Emily, I realized how intentionality plays a huge part in it.

V: How do you balance your professional career without compromising your relationships?

Emily Ley: Joanna Gaines once said she has “ebbed and flowed” out of being a business and being a mom. Ultimately, I try to listen to the needs of my family, my body/heart and my company. The needs change on a weekly basis. But it’s all about understanding that balance isn’t something achieved like a degree on a wall.

It’s something you have to fight for every day. After a day’s hard work, I find no guilt in turning off my computer. I also have no guilt in having to take business trips. For every woman, it’s essential to do what works best for her day by day.

My company had just started its gradual build in 2008. Once I threw myself into my goal, I worked like a dog until I got there. However, when my son was born, it completely changed my life. I realized that I couldn’t do it all. I also realized that I didn’t want to waste these precious years with him. I ebbed and flowed out of the structure.

V: What do you think is the biggest enemy of creativity?

Emily Ley: I believe it is exhaustion and burn out. After my first book, Grace Not Perfection, was released, I found myself in the phase of asking, “What’s next?” I would sit down at my computer to ideate new products. However, my creativity had been drained out from all the hard work. We need to learn how to consistently fill our wells.

A good start can be by taking care of our bodies and minds; it’s necessary to get outside and away from the Internet for a bit to reenergize. If we fail to nurture ourselves, we leave no room for creativity. We always tell ourselves if we are not constantly pushing, we are not getting things done.

However, we need to be doing the things that give us life. It’s also known as the anti-way of doing things, but it’s worth every second.

"Sometimes you just need to lie on the floor and read a good book. In doing so, we start to take control of our creativity again." 

Cheers to making more time for the ones we love the most and giving our work the best we can give.

Chat soon.




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