Maximize Your Productivity This Summer

Do you have goals and dreams still hanging at the top of your new year’s resolution list? Well, what better time than now to turn those possibilities into realities! Instead of letting lethargy overtake us, here are a couple helpful tips to keep in mind as you look to maximize your efficiency as a creative…

Finding Purpose in an Unexpected Season of Life

What if God is using this season of your life to realign your identity in Him and cause you to lean more on Him? What if your current frustrations at your job or at any given circumstance is the very thing that is equipping you for your next season? We don’t know where we’ll be in five years; we don’t even really know for certain what our lives will look like next year…

Travel Journal: Streets to Peruse in Savannah

Is there a weekend getaway with your girl gang or maybe a quick family road trip you’ve been wanting to plan? Put Savannah on the top of your list! Also, here’s a quick insider’s tip: spring is one of their most beautiful times of year to visit. Similar to Washington DC, the springtime fills your visit with the sight of fresh blossoms and colorful alchemy to catch your eye. 

Sprucing Up Your Resume for the Dream Job

Building a resume is one thing, but creating a super eye-catching document that equally expresses your distinct creativity and professional experience is another. When we’re planning out our resume, we don’t want to just settle for the basic template format you find on Google. We want it to reveal something special and unique to our interviewers, right?

The Plot Twist That Changed My Life

Before he asked me out, I had also been in a season where I was not looking for a relationship. I had been completely heartbroken in a previous relationship; so my guard was up. If you’re reading this and you are single, be encouraged. When it’s right, it happens at the least expected moment in your life.